Why spend money on a Corporate headshot and personal branding session?

Research shows that as humans we are wired to take notice of faces. Most people will read your face before they get a chance to know you or your story. Most often this happens before they have met you in person. How? They see your profile picture. Whether on Whatsapp, Google, Email, LinkedIn or Instagram, your profile picture will often be the first chance you get to occupy a position in the minds of your audience.

That picture is your CoverStory.

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Allow your audience and ideal clients to see the heart and soul behind your brand. Make your brand come alive. Create visual content for your marketing and social media. Coached sessions that will get you the ideal headshot for your profession and audience. I bring many years of executive recruitment experience to your session and partner with you on your vision.

Start off by choosing a package below

Access your private gallery whenever you need content for your next projects.

You have the option to buy individual additional images or

additional packs of 5 for €85.


The One


Duration: 30 minutes
1 outfit, 1 background

- Posing guidance
- Preview gallery for you to choose your favourite image
- 1 headshot image fully retouched JPEG
*€30/each additional photo
**Add €40 for outdoor sessions inside the M30 radius

Headshot session - single headshot to get started on your personal branding journey

The Whole Deal


Duration: 60 minutes
3-4 outfits, multiple backgrounds

- 5 headshot images retouched
-Wardrobe Consultation
-Posing guidance
-Preview gallery to choose your images
*€20 per extra photo
**Add €40 for out-of-studio sessions inside the M30 radius

The Team

Starts at €250 for 2 persons

Duration: 15 minutes per person

Starts at 2 persons
8 digital images professionally retouched:
2 headshots PER team member
2 group images
2 business workspace images

*€20 per extra photo

**Add €40 for out-of-studio sessions inside the M30 radius

If the photographer is interested in the people in front of their lens, and if they are compassionate, it’s already a lot.
The instrument is not the camera but the photographer.

(Eve Arnold)
International Relations
"Michelle is helpful and warm and took “THE” LinkedIn photo I needed."
— Lauren R
"Una maravillosa experiencia y unas fotos preciosas. Eran mis primeras fotos de estudio con mi hijo y lo hemos pasado genial. Michelle es una gran fotógrafa, paciente y con mucha empatía con los niños. Muy recomendable!. Nosotros repetiremos"
— Xplora2viajeros Laura & Jaime

Every client we work with is unique and different.

There are no two stories alike.

We love investing time in getting to know you and your story, and learning what's important for you.

This is what your clients want. Who is the person behind the brand?

Let us tell your story.

(YOU are the CoverStory)


What does success mean to you?

It is not easy picking your profile picture. What should you look for? To look attractive? Well dressed and fashionable? Rich and powerful? Intelligent and qualified? You have so many photos of yourself, and you just aren't sure which one will bring you the most success in your endeavors.

What does success mean to you? More customers for your business? A promotion at work? Or more influence in your field of activity? Your CoverStory will strike at the very core of your goals. That is how your CoverStory helps build your personal brand. 

The CoverStory approach to professional photography is result-oriented. You get one shot at transmitting the impression to your audience when they look at your picture. That shot needs to be well thought out. Every aspect of your dress, expression, environment, etc. needs to be aligned with the outcome you desire. Do you want to attract people to you by being approachable, likeable, agreeable? Do you want your audience to see you as qualified, experienced, knowledgeable in your field? All this will be achieved only with a result-oriented approach to headshot photography. That's your CoverStory. 

Your CoverStory photographer, Michelle Vaz, draws from several years of experience in Executive Recruitment. Michelle takes a keen interest to know and understand your story, so that her lens can capture the very essence of your personal brand. At CoverStory, we are all about using scientific research and global best practices in headshot photography that are guaranteed to make a positive impact. Your CoverStory is important to you, and we don't hold back on any detail to ensure your personal brand is developed to meet your personal goals.