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Corporate Headshots and Personal Branding

If you want to stand out in the workplace, you need to have a great headshot. But even if your job doesn’t require it, having a professional photo of yourself can make a huge difference when it comes to personal branding and social media. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about choosing the right photographer for your business portrait and getting that perfect photo that shows off who you are and what you do!

You’re a rockstar. You have a great business and you are making an impact in the world. Maybe you are the CEO of a company, or maybe you are an entrepreneur who has built something incredible. In either case, having great photos of yourself can make a huge difference when it comes to standing out from the crowd and getting noticed.

Thousand Words

The first step towards building your brand is taking professional headshots that capture your true personality while highlighting what makes you unique as an individual or business owner. Professional photography isn’t just for models and actors; it is also used by CEOs, entrepreneurs, doctors, politicians (anyone who needs their face on posters), authors (anyone who needs their face on book covers), musicians (anyone who needs their face on album covers)…and so much more!

Professional headshots can be used for many different purposes, including:

  • Your LinkedIn profile picture and background image
  • Your website banner or header photo
  • Social media posts (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
  • Event flyers and promotional materials
  • Even your Whatsapp profile picture (we often underestimate what a great impact it makes when you engage a new contact over Whatsapp and they see a well-crafted professional photo with the right expression and look.)

Think about it. Everytime you write a text to somebody, their phone buzzes and they see a small icon with your picture in it. You could have a picture of a sunset, or a bird or a car. Or you may even have a picture with your family (nothing wrong with that, but are you sure that's what you want your new client or your boss seeing every time you text?)

Some people go overboard though. They have a picture of themselves all suited up as if they were dressed for a funeral. And then they pick an expression that looks intimidating or super serious. Is that helpful when you engage with your audience on a daily basis? Not always.